If You Can Hold a 401K Plan for 30-40 Years, You Can Hold Bitcoin for 3-4 Years.
If You Can Hold a 401K Plan for 30-40 Years, You Can Hold Bitcoin for 3-4 Years.

You also only have to buy into BTC once, unlike a 401K where most people keep buying back in every pay check only to lose what you earned in interest by paying a penalty if you withdraw too early. Because that's the trick. The trick to a 401K is to get everyone to hold because if everyone sells, then everyone else who didn't sell fast enough will lose money and the whole thing will crash. That's why they charge penalities.

It's like investing in safemoon and they charge you penalities for selling In order to keep the current value more stable so the entirety of holders don't start panic selling it into oblivion.

Also you can panic sell a 401K too. It happened to many people after the housing market crash of 2008. My mom panic sold her 401k because it went from $50K to $9K ...I don't know much about investing then but I will never forget what she said. I was afraid I would lose it all, it kept going down

What she says sounds much like what people say about Bitcoin.

Nowadays my mom is retired, and sometimes she brings that up...I should've just kept it in...it went back up

Unfortunately this is how the most powerful people work. They shake out weak hands so they can buy up super low. Otherwise there would be no big guy buying your shit back.

Rich are buying your shit cheap for a reason...not just because they are just speculating.

So yeah, you can get serious FUD with 401K and it's not just coming from my mom. Many honest hard working people don't understand the game whales play...they get shilled into things and are convinced it's safe because their employer offers it. All a 401K is, is investments into stocks and bonds that are stable but not always safe.

So if you can continually dump every paycheck into something that penalizes you for withdrawing early and hold that shit for 30 years , then you can buy Bitcoin once and hold it for 3 years without any penality for withdrawing some too early unless tax on capital gains. But that's normal.

So stick to your original plan, and hold.

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