My Friend keeps Losing Money on SHITCOINS.
My Friend keeps Losing Money on SHITCOINS.

and there's no stopping him.

I'm not here to talk bad about him personally but more so his Trading habits.

A few years ago he begged me to teach how to buy crypto. He lost 80% the first time around during the 2018 crash when he cashed out to save what was left.

He was down about 16K. But he asked me before he cashed out...

Should I hold it? Are you holding?

Me: personally I would hold, and yes I'm holding

His response...

Oh...ok, well I'm cashing out.

Why even bother asking ?

So he waits until last month to get in. KEEP in mind basically everything is up from then and at worse only a little loss.


He someone managed to be down 90%. Worst of all he dumped another $20K into it.

I said, HOW THE FK did you manage to lose that much???

What the fk did you buy??

He's says, Uhhh bruh!, I bought this G999, and if was up double in 3 days, then it tanked so I switched it up and bought some other shit

What did he buy now?


Yeah...I said it. POODL !!!!

Because he heard someone on Satoshi Street Bets shilling it.

Now he down a total of 95%

This is how bad it is.

He originally bought Luna as a long term HODL. Told me, This time I'm gonna be smart with it, you were right

However, he literally couldn't hold onto it for more than 2 days...after it was up 10%!!!! He thought he could be day trade master.

This guy has a doctorate in physics too. I KID YOU NOT! But a complete Baboon when it comes to Crypto.

I care about him but... But I'm done trying to steer him to a more stable direction.

Life lesson : People will only change when they want to.

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